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Minecraft OS 2.0.0

Minimum System Requirements

64 Bit CPU running at 1GHz or more.

At least 2 GB of RAM.

At least 5 GB of storage.

Good graphics card (to run Minecraft).

Internet access.

How to install?

1. Download Minecraft OS from the download page.

2. Take a USB flash drive with 2 GB or more.

3. Download Universal USB Installer from here.

4. Insert your USB flash drive and open Universal USB Installer.

5. In Universal USB Installer click "I agree". In step 1, scroll down and select: "Try unlisted linux iso".

6. In step 2, click "Browse" and select the ISO that you downloaded.

7. In step 3, select your USB flash drive and select the box that says "Format (your drive name)".

8. Click "Create". NOTE!!!!: All your USB flash drive content will be deleted.

9. When the program finishes click "Close".

10. Make sure that your computer is turned off and insert your USB flash drive (with Minecraft OS on it) into it.

11. Turn on your computer and enter the boot menu (Press your boot menu button it can be: F11, F12...).

12. Select your USB flash drive (Do not select the UEFI option).

13. Click "Live".

14. Wait until it Minecraft OS boots up.

15. When Minecraft OS boots up, click on the Ubuntu logo on the screen, or the Windows logo or the Command key on your keyboard.

16. Search "Minecraft Launcher" (if you want to play Minecraft) or search OBS (if you want to record or live stream) or search Chromium (if you want to use the internet). P.S: You can drag any of the apps to the dock to quick access them next time you need them.

17. Enjoy.

P.S: Because Minecraft OS 2.0.0 is only a live CD (because of a glitch that will be fixed in the next version), when you'll shutdown your computer, everything you installed on Minecraft OS will be deleted (It wont delete anything you done on an Minecraft server).

Minecraft OS


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